Marrying for Money or Financial Security

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People get married for a lot of reasons, and at the risk of sounding unromantic, financial security is a very good one. Endeavoring to marry for money is actually far more rational than marrying for “love,” whatever that is. Some people do fall madly in love and stay that way for the rest of their lives, and I am so pleased for them. But it’s not that way for everyone. Take it from me. And Kim Kardashian.

There is nothing wrong with setting out to marry rich for financial security. If you are financially handicapped, it makes excellent sense to find a mate who does not have such a money handicap. After all, opposites attract. The first thing you need to do is to let go of any guilt and embarrassment associated with your money woes. Admit it to yourself and anyone who asks: “Yes. I want to marry rich.” Putting it out there in the world will attract financial security to you.

Once you have made peace with your goal to marry rich, try to be a nice person. I firmly believe that everyone gets what he or she deserves (also known as karma), and if you are unkind, cruel or mean-spirited, chances are you are going to get all those things returned to you. Be pleasant. Be kind. Be generous. And hopefully financial security will find its way to you for your good deeds upon others.

Now, go out and find your dream man or woman with money. Have you tried online dating? Everyone is doing it…has been doing it for years, actually. With online dating, you have an opportunity to create a profile that will attract and repel certain kinds of people. Here is your chance to be honest and upfront about who you are and what you want. No need to pretend that money doesn’t matter. You can spell it out for all of your potential mates. Try not to sound like a gold-digger, of course. Say something like “creative, fun loving and generous woman with more debt than savings seeks a knight in shining armor who is active, financially secure and willing to share his life and savings.” See? It can be cute.

Remember that it’s only money. If you really want to marry rich, good for you. Just make sure that the person you marry is someone you can live with even if the money runs out. Otherwise, you are no better off than a person who married for love and got left hanging when the love ran out.

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